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Since 2002, Eudaimon provides the broadest and most accurate range of Employee Welfare services in Italy, including services tailored for large enterprises and SMEs, Trade Unions and Employers Associations.

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Our Clients

We have been chosen by more than 550 firms in Italy, without constraints of size, sector or corporate culture.

Our clients prove how Employee Welfare truly represents competitive leverage for the firm and a tool for buying brand loyalty among employees. The firms that chose us stand out for their care towards their employees wellbeing.

A Selection of Our Services

We develop Employee Welfare solutions according to the needs, budget and features of the company’s workforce.


Welfare is our core, and since 2002 we are the only company in Italy that focuses on consulting, planning and managing Welfare Plans intended to foster the employees’ wellbeing.


Web platform developed on Salesforce technology, Mobile APP available for every operating system, Analytics with a real-time data monitoring system, Customer Care based in Italy run by mother tongue specialists.

Culture and Innovation

In collaboration with CENSIS, following the socio-economic context of the country, we study the current situation of Employee Welfare and its potential developments, risks and outlooks. We take advantage of these studies to keep innovating our offers hence guarantee a basket of services always up-to-date.


By serving as sole interlocutor and by supporting the enterprise through every step of the Welfare Plan, Eudaimon is responsible for the operational management of services, users and providers.