Our Clients

For almost 20 years, Eudaimon has been designing and managing corporate welfare plans geared to promoting the wellbeing of all their employees, so that their satisfaction can transform into engagement and productivity to improve the performance of the company itself.

More than 700 companies in Italy have chosen us, without limits of size, sector and business culture.

Our clients show how corporate welfare can be a real competitive lever for the company and a loyalty tool for the people who work there.


Nice people, attentive to others in an intelligent and flexible way, which have been helping us for a long time to allow Edison workers to live better! They bring innovation, culture, sensitivity and tangible solutions for the important needs and things that truly matter.


Thanks to the collaboration with Eudaimon, we are able to offer our people very effective welfare solutions based on the latest and most reliable technology. Eudaimon is a partner capable of bringing together research, innovation and service levels.


They are by our side, competent and helpful, supportive in communicating and developing our Welfare Value plan: a shared, distinctive and business value, sustainable over time.


Case Histories

Those who have chosen us stand out for their attention to employee wellness.

The projects implemented for our clients are designed to respond to employee needs, but are also a powerful tool to strengthen the perception and attachment to the brand.

We offer a full and harmonious solution, each welfare plan is built around the client, reflects his characteristics and strong points. This care expresses itself comprehensively, from the identification of needs, to the choice of welfare solutions offered, to the definition of personalised communication strategies.

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