The Employee Welfare Experts

Those who host a good “demon” inside, are happier and feel better. Eudaimonia, from the Greek, carries within the positive meaning of “happiness” by combining two terms: eu that means “good”, and daimon, “demon” or “little god”.

Eudaimon, for 18 years, has been differentiating itself from other Employee Welfare providers by offering a full range of services aimed at fulfilling the needs of large enterprises, SMEs, Employers’ Associations and Trade Unions.

We believe Employee Welfare could be a social innovator for all its stakeholders and, with this aim, we provide full outsourcing solutions, including:

  • Analysis of the workforce’s needs;
  • Consulting on regulations and fiscal matters;
  • Design of Welfare Plans and Flexible Benefits;
  • Training for managers, employees, RSU-RSA (Internal Trade Union – Company Trade Union);
  • Communication for an internal and external audience;
  • Web platform and mobile APP developed on Salesforce technology;
  • Total Reward System and Statement;
  • Data-driven analysis of employees and firm performance.

We have been chosen by more than 550 companies in Italy, from SMEs to large firms, thus providing services to more than 400.000 employees; we collaborate with Confindustria and several Trade Unions to deliver Employee, Interfirm and Territorial Welfare Plans. We are also technical partners of Network IEP – Imprese e Persone Interfirm Welfare, and founding partners of AIWA, the Italian Association for Employee Welfare.


Eudaimon was established on the principles of the living company: it’s the first and only firm in Italy dealing with Employee Welfare with a structured approach.


Launch of some of our main projects, today considered best practice and virtuous examples of Employee Welfare: Edison, Wind and Tim.


Interfirm Welfare: Eudaimon establishes Network IEP - Imprese e Persone: the first national model of Welfare network (with more than 24 firms partners).


Flexible Benefits: a flexible basket of options for the employee and a financial opportunity for the company. Our main clients include Ferrero and Banco Popolare.


Eudaimon extends its offer to Public Administrations, SMEs and territorial welfare in partnership with the Industry Associations.


Launch of our collaboration with Censis and founding partners of AIWA (Italian Association of Employee Welfare). 


Eudaimon started the certification process:

  • ISO 9001:2015, concerning Quality Management Systems;
  • ISO 14000:2015, concerning Environmental Management Systems.

By carrying activities of benchmarking, research and testing, Eudaimon is confirmed leader in the field of Employee Welfare.