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EU-DAIMON is the genius of good. A guardian spirit.

EUDAIMONIA is the happiness of those who get along with others.

Those who have a good “guardian spirit” inside are happy and feel better. The Greek word eudaimonia embodies a positive meaning of “happiness” through the combination of two terms: the first, eu, means “good”, the other, daimon, means “guardian spirit”, or “small god”. Eudaimon tries to do good, to make the difference for companies, for workers and for the communities that revolve around them.

Eudaimon was set up in 2002 as a top Italian player in corporate welfare and we are now the company with the most comprehensive offer welfare plans in Italy, with services dedicated to both large companies and SMEs, as well as Employer Associations and Unions. In 2021, we became Benefit Corporation, and are more than ever committed to building a better society.

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Our story

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We are convinced that corporate welfare can be a factor of social innovation and to do this we are engaged in projects designed for the wellbeing of people and enhancement of local communities.

Soci e fondatori di AIWA


We are founding partners of AIWA, The Italian Corporate Welfare Association, set up in 2017 to promote the culture and information on corporate welfare.

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Censis: i nostri partner di ricerca sul welfare


In partnership with Censis, we do research on corporate welfare to understand its entire potential, merge the needs of the companies and those of the people to design innovative solutions. This partnership gives way to the Annual Censis-Eudaimon Report on corporate welfare, an analysis that enables us to intercept new demands and steer welfare initiatives towards support to employees, whilst covering a social role.

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Network IEP

Network IEP

We are technical partner and coordinators of Network IEP – Imprese e Persone, a network of companies that discuss and design the corporate welfare of the future. The Network is the first tangible and applied model of intercompany welfare in Italy.

Founded in 2009 by a group of companies that have the wellbeing of staff at heart, it proposes to enhance and spread corporate welfare as a competitive lever for companies and responsible contribution to improve society through the companies themselves.

It is the meeting and discussion point on themes of corporate welfare and a workshop in which to conceive, experiment and share solutions for a sustainable model of Second Welfare.

Areound twenty top Italian companies are part of Network IEP. They include:

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