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Welfare Experience

Welfare Experience, la piattaforma Salesforce di Eudaimon
Welfare Experience, la nostra piattaforma anche su mobile

Welfare experience is the Eudaimon interface that gives access to the comprehensive range of welfare services.

Our portal is developed internally on Salesforce technology, user-friendly and unique for all its users: small, medium and large companies can make use of the best technology to access welfare services dedicated to them.

  • Reimbursements

    Education | childcare | personal care | public transport | mortgages

  • Voucher

    Sports activities | cultural activities | recreational activities

  • Coupon

  • Supplementary pension scheme

  • Healthcare fund

Affiliated suppliers
Satisfied users
Services that can be requested

Large companies

  • Complete programmes of curporate welfare, specific services and flexible benefits
  • Assistance for the strategic setting up of actions for employee wellness
  • Measuring the benefits generated and internal marketing support
  • Integration of the services already present in the company
  • Eudaimon as only go-between


  • No limit to the range of welfare services
  • Full outsourcing management of the platform
  • Assistance in choosing how to power the plan
  • Personalised communication for users
  • Maximum efficiency for the company and satisfaction for its people
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