Attention to employees

The importance of a positive working environment

Eudaimon was set up with the purpose of transmitting the importance of a positive working environment that dedicates attention to people and puts them in the best working condition, engaging them appropriately and effectively.

For us, corporate welfare is not an additional element of remuneration but the expression of the attention of the company to its workers, which translates into a benefit that creates a higher value than remuneration alone.

“Develop a free and fair society where people live and work well together”.
"Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."
"The greatest motivational act one person can do for another is to listen."
The offer for the company

Design, build, measure

The wellbeing plan for your employees that improves the performance of the company.

The success of a corporate welfare plan is determined by the level of worker satisfaction, for whom the services have been conceived and developed, and direct users of the services.


We provide assistance for setting up the welfare plans: strategic, technical, legal and tax aspects, using the Life@Work method.


We implement comprehensive corporate welfare plans and manage them in full outsourcing, integrating them with the existing services in your company.


We measure the results achieved with the implementation of the new corporate welfare plan through:  

  • Control dashboard
  • Life@Work Index
  • Total Welfare Statement

Welfare Consulting

Designing a corporate welfare plan requires plenty of care and attention, which is why we offer welfare consulting services:

  • Check-up at start of project
  • Analysis of strong and weak points
  • Advice on tax and regulatory aspects
  • Mapping the business population
  • Measuring the benefits with Life@Work Index technology

Welfare marketing

To achieve the maximum involvement of people, high levels of use and positive reactions to the welfare plan it is necessary to introduce an effective welfare marketing strategy:

  • Profiling interests
  • Personalised communication for each user category
  • Design ad hoc welfare plans for emerging needs
  • Platform and mobile APP developed on Salesforce technology

Community Welfare

Corporate welfare guarantees equity: each employee can make use of the welfare services when needed. Accessibility to each service is the base of a good welfare plan, which is why we have also conceived the Welfare Coach, a physical person who ensures that the need is satisfied.

The Welfare Coach is the mediator between the needs of the people and the responses provided by the welfare programme. They find solutions suited to the employee and respond to priority needs. His goal is to maximise the value of the welfare perceived by the people, but also to intercept new needs.

It is an innovation in this area because its function goes beyond that of social protection. The Welfare Coach is specialised in listening to the needs of the people and work on awareness by spreading the culture of welfare inside the organisation.