Simple, crystal clear: Euty!

The company as a reference point

The company becomes a reference point for the employees, who dedicate more than a third of their time to it. For this reason, a project that sees them at the center is necessary, a prject built around them to respond to the needs for support, protection and recognition that emerged in the 5th Censis-Eudaimon Report.

The company is no longer simply a services provider, but has the role of taking their people by the hand and accompanying them, transmitting values and attention, recognizing the uniqueness of each without losing the sense of community: only in this way it is possible to recreate engagement and respond to the need for protection.

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From the Ancient Greek word EUTICHIA, meaning the personification of happiness and luck.

Following the trajectories identified by the governmental reforms in progress, by the priorities and initiatives of the PNRR and the Family Act, the proposals respond to the needs of some targets today penalized: young people and women.

Euty is the tool that helps these people deal with the small and big changes in life: training content, bureaucratic procedures, advice, indications and specific services, all collected in modules that act as a guide through the challenges of everyday life.

EUTY is an app, because the answers must always be at hand.

Answers to needs and requirements

There are moments in life when we find ourselves facing needs and requirements of which we are not fully aware.

Getting correct information can be difficult, and relying on friends and acquaintances to make important decisions can lead you astray in a rapidly changing world. Euty was born for this very reason, to offer answers.

Euty is the only service that allows the user to make informed welfare choices, offering answers to everyday questions and accompanying the user towards the best solution for that specific need.

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A guide for everyday life

The result of our 20 years of experience and the continuous effort to bring together the needs of companies to have people who are serene, motivated and involved and those of people to feel protected, guaranteed and recognised.

Euty was born as a guide for everyday life, it is an always handy tool that guides us and accompanies us towards the small and big challenges of life.

It represents the welfare of tomorrow: an app that makes life easier for employees, inside and outside the company.



Euty is a point of reference, a reliable, precise and concrete tool that offers multimedia training contents to inform, raise awareness and guide the user in managing everyday difficulties.



The deepening of the user's needs, the correct information on possible solutions and the accompaniment to the most suitable one are essential components of corporate welfare. Euty knows you, listens to you, builds the solution for you thanks to our Welfare Coaches who are always available to listen to you and provide you with personalized support.



Euty is the punctual response to this criticality: it informs, educates, involves, directs and offers services. Inside and outside the company.

It offers concrete answers to various needs, including: parenting, caregiving, financial education, work-life balance.

A guide for everyday life

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