History, logo and images

Everything you may need to write a great story about Eudaimon, the leading company in the corporate welfare industry. Our press section contains our story, the Eudaimon logo in various versions and a selection of images.

Company info
Company description, contact details and examples of media coverage
High resolution logos and disclaimer for the use of the logo
A selection of photos of our people and workspaces

You can do this:

  • Leave enough space around the Eudaimon logo to keep it clearly identifiable compared to other items.
  • If your product or service integrates with Eudaimon, you can use Eudaimon's brand assets to show the link.

You can't do this:

  • Use any logo or image to represent Eudaimon other than the materials provided on this page.
  • Change the logo in any way (e.g. change colours, apply effects, or alter the size and position of the icon in relation to the Eudaimon name).
  • Using the logo in a way that implies that your product or service is affiliated with Eudaimon.