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04 April 2024

Euty: welfare to support the person

As we know, corporate welfare is a set of initiatives and services provided by companies to their employees - beyond the basic salary and benefits required by law - with the aim of improving the quality of life, promoting a positive working environment, increase worker satisfaction and engagement and avoid disaffection at work.

Therefore reflecting whether the key objectives of corporate welfare (i.e. improving the quality of life of employees, increasing satisfaction and engagement, attracting and retaining talent, improving productivity, reducing absenteeism, promoting a positive corporate image and addressing needs specific to employees), it is clear that it cannot ignore the psycho-physical well-being of the worker.

To improve the overall well-being of employees and create a healthier, more satisfying and productive working environment, it is necessary to establish a human relationship capable of guaranteeing concrete support not only in everyday life, but also and above all in times of need.

This is why welfare must support the Person!

What does “welfare to support the person” mean

The concept of "personal welfare" refers to initiatives and policies aimed at providing assistance and support at different stages of life, regardless of the work context.

This type of welfare therefore focuses on the satisfaction of basic needs and the promotion of individual well-being.

Among the key points of welfare to support the person we find:

health care

Welfare to support the person can include health programs, which guarantee access to basic medical care, specialist services and insurance coverage to cover medical expenses.

Education and training

To promote access to continuing education and training, to enable people to develop their skills and improve career prospects.

Social care

To provide economic support and services to people who find themselves in vulnerable situations or who face financial difficulties, offering concrete help to overcome difficult times.

Work-life balance

Through the promotion of company policies and government initiatives, which facilitate the conciliation between work and private life ( Work Life Balance), such as flexible hours, teleworking or company nurseries.

Childcare and family support

Including services such as daycare, paid parental leave and other initiatives to support families to make it easier to manage work and family commitments.

Psychological well-being programs

Personal welfare may include psychological support services, counseling and stress management programs to promote mental health and emotional well-being.

Elders assistance

Providing support to the elderly through home care services, assisted living facilities, social assistance programs and other services to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

Access to the house

Including policies and programs aimed at ensuring access to safe, healthy and affordable housing solutions.

The main objective of welfare to support the person is therefore to ensure that each individual has access to resources and services that contribute to their well-being, personal growth and the overcoming of specific challenges in different stages of life.

This type of welfare therefore aims to create a more equal, inclusive and attentive society to individual needs, including initiatives dedicated to minorities, the "weaker" classes, with a particular focus on women and young people.

What is the Euty app in Eudaimon welfare and why is it a trusted "guide"

Euty was born as a practical tool, in favor of welfare to support the person.

« With Euty, from the Greek Eutichia to indicate the personification of happiness and luck, we want to give an innovative response to companies to escape from this "economic" logic of welfare and instead take action to help "their" people to deal with the small and large life changes. »

[Alberto Perfumo, CEO Eudaimon in an interview with Forbes]

To offer support to the person in every form, the company can therefore rely on Euty, who will follow and offer support to the individual at any stage of their life, both work and private.

The Euty app is a guidance tool , not only a faithful friend, able to listen and offer advice, but also an authoritative source of knowledge to accompany the individual in facing any difficulties or new life experiences.

Euty is an indispensable tool for corporate welfare aimed at young people, parents and families , but also at all those who find themselves or may find themselves in a moment of difficulty (at work, family, health, social, psychological, logistical or monetary).

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