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01 February 2024

Corporate welfare dedicated to young people

Welfare and forgotten young people

Welfare services (unlike fringe benefits) often take little into consideration for the younger age group; in most cases, in fact, they are more interesting for workers who are also parents, rather than for younger collaborators without children.

Furthermore, the limit of €258, established by Legislative Decree no. 48/2023 (Labor Decree) certainly didn't help!

Let's delve deeper into the topic of young people and corporate welfare: what benefits are provided for young workers, but also what difficulties they face.

Young people and corporate welfare: what are the dedicated facilities and/or benefits?

However, there are specific facilities and benefits that companies can offer to young employees to promote their well-being and foster a positive working environment.

Here are some examples:

training and development

Offering training and professional development programs to help young employees develop their skills and progress in their careers.

Mentorship and coaching

Mentorship or coaching programs to provide support and personalized guidance to young professionals who are starting their careers.

Health insurance

Offering comprehensive insurance plans that include coverage for basic medical expenses. Some companies may also provide policies with more affordable premiums for younger employees.

Flextime and remote working

Flexibility in working hours and the ability to work remotely to adapt to the needs of a generation that highly values the balance between professional and personal life.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Counseling and psychological support services through employee assistance programs to address personal and professional issues.

Opportunities for growth and advancement

Create clear paths for professional growth and offer advancement opportunities for young talent seeking progression in their careers.

Parental and family leave policies

Implement paid parental leave policies and other benefits to support younger employees who may be experiencing parenting for the first time.

Benefits related to mobility

Encourage mobility by providing discounts on public transport, bike-sharing subscriptions or concessions for vehicle rental.

Wellness programs

Access to wellness programs that promote mental and physical health, such as fitness sessions, yoga or health promotion initiatives.

Participation in social events and activities

Encourage participation in social events, team building activities and programs that promote integration and connection among younger colleagues.

Financial benefits

Financial benefits such as subsidized savings plans, life insurance contributions or profit sharing programs.

It is important that companies consider the specific needs of their youth workforce, adapting their welfare programs to respond to these needs, thus contributing to the well-being and engagement of younger employees.

The advantage for the company is evident, moreover, in terms of employer branding, an extremely important factor in a labor market where human resources are an increasingly scarce and contested asset.

What are the work challenges and benefits for young workers?

The situation for younger workers is a mix of obstacles, but also opportunities. Young workers can face a number of difficulties, but also enjoy several specific benefits in their career path.

Among the working difficulties for less experienced workers , for example, we could mention job insecurity, the habit of dealing with workloads, initial economic difficulties, internal competition, the balance between work and private life and above all limited access to benefits.

Among the advantages however: greater flexibility and adaptability, innovative creativity, better approach to technology, rapid learning, networking and fresh career expectations.

The challenges and benefits can obviously vary greatly depending on the individual situation and business context, but recognizing these dynamics can help organizations develop strategies, policies and tools (as we will see shortly) that can effectively support young workers in their professional journey .

Euty and youth welfare today

Within sandwich generations, Euty represents an innovative approach to satisfying people's needs and better organizing company resources, even for young people.

the Euty app helps to deal with the small big changes in life, it is aimed at everyone by offering: training contents, bureaucratic procedures, advice, indications and specific services, all collected in modules that represent the different "stages of life".

For those who are now approaching the world of work, there can only be many doubts and new challenges to face.

Offering answers, through a guide for everyday life, is therefore an excellent way - concrete and digital - to stand alongside younger people, speaking their language and supporting them in their professional growth.

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