Our Welfare Plan: From the Experts, to the Experts!

Genio Eudaimon

On September 2017, Eudaimon launched Genio, the Welfare Plan for its people.

The goal was to create an innovative solution quality oriented: specific solutions suitable for everyone’s needs. We asked our CEO, Alberto Perfumo, to answer some questions that could explain Genio more in detail.

·        What’s Eudaimon’s Welfare Plan name? And why did you choose it?

We named it Genio, not because it’s genius – or, with a joke, not only for that reason – but because it recalls Eudaimon’s meaning, in Greek “genius of the good”.

·        What are Genio’s features?

Our Welfare Plan combines two main concepts:

1.     Employee Welfare is not a wage, it’s a fair response to the employees’ needs

2.     the Welfare’s services are customized and can be used in a flexible way.

This means combining the solutions’ flexibility features, that represent a key value for the people (since everyone choses according to his personal and familiar needs), with the equity-oriented features of the plan: not every need is the same, each case is different depending on the situation.

·        So, this is not a traditional Flexible Benefits plan?

This plan is not powered by the employees’ resources, it has nothing to do with the wages and it is strongly focused on the people’s needs, according to a list of priorities set by the company. In this case, Eudaimon chose to endorse those needs concerning family and health care. In 2018 we will bolster the plan even further.

At the same time, the plan is flexible because each individual can choose how to spend his welfare credit on services that can provide for his specific needs.

Actually, gadgets, pay-tv and vouchers are not part of the plan. For us, welfare is about satisfying basic needs.

·        How many people can take advantage of this plan?

The plan involves all of our forty employees and is shaped according to categories that depend on the needs. E.g., the welfare credit amount is issued according to the number of children of each employee.

·        A Welfare Plan for the welfare experts… did you draft such plan along with your colleagues?

Of course!

The people are key to everything, and we wouldn’t begin anything without talking and listening with them. And that is something that we always tell our clients: even if our expertise in this field has grown by collecting information about the people’s needs among thousands of workers (employees of the 250+ client firms). People always have something original to add and they appreciate being involved.

·        Are you planning to develop such plan over the years? If so, how?

The plan is growing in the closest future following a draft created during the understanding phase, and we will complete it with some features such as pension. We must not forget about the feedbacks that we collect from our co-workers regarding the appreciation of the plan we delivered. Because it’s important to listen, always.