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01 December 2022

Sandwich Generation

When we talk about Sandwich Generation we refer to an expression used to define the set of adult individuals that are "in the middle" between the generation of the young and the elderly".

It is a consequence of the profound change that is affecting the family fabric and in general the whole Italian social and economic context: the middle generations, They are those families that at the same time must divide between the care of elderly parents and the sustenance of children who are not yet self-sufficient, feeling inevitably oppressed and crushed under the weight of two generations.

At the same time, they are the pivot of our society that revolves around issues such as unemployment, precariousness and zero growth. 

The people forced between the care of the children and the elderly in the family are "overloaded role", that is, overloaded with regard to this role, and they pay consequences on a material, emotional and health level. 

Accustomed to doing everything by themselves, they tend to underestimate this stress load to which is added physical fatigue, breathlessness, headaches, the sense of always having too much or too little hunger, insomnia.

Among the manifestations on a psychological level, one feels guilty thinking of not doing enough neither for children, nor for parents, nor for one’s partner. Sometimes stress is manifested by a sense of abandonment, precariousness and failure.

How to react then and not feel crushed by this role?

Here corporate welfare comes into play, the public welfare alone cannot cope with all the emerging needs, the affected families are many and constantly increasing. Corporate welfare can be a valuable tool to offer services to support those who play this difficult role.

There are many social services that would lighten the days of these particular caregivers: from home support for everyday things to psychological support to prevent the pressure from getting the better. 

Greater awareness, communication and specialized support when needed, are the main ingredients to lighten the tension and manage every situation to the fullest.

In his small Eudaimon, as a provider of corporate welfare is committed to underline the importance of social services, fringe benefits are a good way to supplement wages, but corporate welfare will always be the fairest way to respond to a need.

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