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09 August 2022

I Turn Off Everything. Young People Towards Happiness and Sustainable Relationships

The Arc Research Institute of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and the Ecosystem in collaboration with Beate Vivo Farm has taken care of the research I Turn Off Everything: towards a sustainable happiness. 

450 young people aged 18 to 30 were interviewed, he investigated a new trend according to which younger generations seem to move towards the search for a greater balance: the work-life balance. A proper division of time between personal and working life guarantees both organizational and emotional stability. 

The main aim of the research is to highlight the factors that generate joy in young workers: at the top of the ranking stands the "feeling good with yourself", then follows the state of health, a satisfying family life and even personal relationships.

"Being good with yourself" means accepting and valuing yourself for your own experience and your own specificities, but also being able to enjoy days "balanced" between commitment and relaxation, between work and private life, avoiding excessive stress and paying attention to your lifestyle. The new generations bring back the spotlight on the "little joys of life": a family dinner or a trip with friends, but also the importance of job satisfaction and the environment in which you work, they seek a motivating and stimulating working environment that does not affect their private lives. 80% of respondents say they adopt strategies to divide working life from private life, 56% would like to find a job that guarantees a good work-life balance and 43% would like to be part of a team capable of recognizing their skills and ensuring a path of growth. 

"The next generations aspire to new models of management and modeling of everyday life, able to reduce stress and effectively address the critical issues related to the continuation of the state of economic, social and health crisis. The task of the older generations is to listen to these requests and make available the resources and tools to concretize the proposed projects, without judging them on the basis of evaluation criteria now obsolete and invalid" - recalled Sara Sampietro, Catholic University researcher and project manager "Stacco tutto".

Corporate welfare offers many tools to support well-being, work-life balance and motivation in the workplace. We need to listen to the company’s present, past and future population in order to create an attractive working environment that can satisfy and retain young talents and then accompany them along the way.

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