The Legislative Decree of 8 June 2001, entitled "Discipline of administrative liability of legal persons, companies and associations, including those without legal personality" ("Decree"), introduced in the Italian legal system a particular regime of administrative liability. This liability burdens Italian law Entities for crimes committed in the interest or to the advantage of those entities: by directors, managers or employees. This responsibility is added to that of the natural person who materially committed the fact.

Eudaimon S.p.A., sensitive to the need to ensure conditions of fairness and transparency in the conduct of business and company activities, to protect the expectations of its Stakeholders and the work of its employees, in accordance with the provisions of art . 6 of the Decree, adopted an Organization and Management Model ("Model") aimed at preventing the perpetration of the various types of offenses contemplated.

The Model, published in this section for transparency purposes, has the purpose of regulating the conduct of the parties involved, through the construction of a structured set of rules of conduct, protocols and procedures. This document is currently available in Italian only.

For the concrete and effective implementation of the Model, a Supervisory Body ("OdV") has been set up, endowed with operating autonomy, to which the Company has entrusted the task of supervising the functioning and observance of the Model, as well as ensuring its 'update.

The OdV, external to the Company, can be contacted at the dedicated e-mail address


Eudaimon is aware that the success of a company is measured by a combination of several factors, not only economic, and pays great attention to the fact that its activities are carried out with integrity and professionalism, pursuing high ethical standards and respecting local and international regulations.
Suppliers are a fundamental and essential part of the Eudaimon business and therefore, for any strategy or path, their participation is necessary.
The Code of Conduct is addressed to all those who work in collaboration with Eudaimon and aims to define the guidelines of conduct to be adopted every day in the management of their work activities.


Board of Directors

Eudaimon S.p.A. adopts a traditional type of governance model.

The administrative body is represented by the Board of Directors ("BoD"), which is vested with all the broadest powers of ordinary and extraordinary management of the Company (except for those reserved by law to other corporate bodies). Part of the powers of the BoD are exercised by the CEOs.

The composition of the Board of Directors currently in office is shown below.

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