ON THE ROAD, the New Service that Provides Work-School Orientation

Orientamento scolastico.
Orientamento scolastico.

Over the last few years, researches recorded a 0.8% drop out among middle school students, either throughout the school year or between one year and the next; among high-schoolers the rate hits 4.3%, especially high during the first year (7%). A little lower rate among those attending a classical studies high school (2,1%), 4.8% among technical institutes students and 8.7% among students enrolled in professional institutes; more than 20% of students dropped out of University after only one year. Such percentage increases remarkably during the following years of enrollment and only 22.3% of young people between 25 and 34 years old completes University. Almost 35% of workers is employed in a sector that is not related to its course of studies.


This is the scenario where On The Road, a new service by Eudaimon, plays a key role. Such service has been created for the employees’ children who need to orientate both educational-wise and work-wise; by creating such service, Eudaimon states how important it is to provide welfare plans that truly focus on the employees’ and their family needs. In fact, the aim is to turn the employee’s children into an independent self-being fully capable of taking thoughtful decisions regarding its future by recognizing its strengths and skills.

It’s a journey full of interesting hints and it’s easy to activate; developed on three phases, it’s suitable for teenagers (13-14 years old), young (17-19 years old), job seekers (19-35 years old) and for parents who want to walk their children through these life-changing decisions.

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