NOVA COOP – How to Talk About Employee Welfare to its Beneficiaries

Noi Novacoop - welfare aziendale Eudaimon
Noi Novacoop - welfare aziendale Eudaimon

The key for maintaining an Employee Welfare plan successful is having a communication plan able to reach everyone (regardless of the territorial scattering); a strategy that can pass down information as well as the VALUE and goals of the initiatives available for the employees.

Undertaking an Employee Welfare plan means introducing a new policy in the company; this often carries along a strong resistance to change. So this is the challenge: find tools and methods able to get closer to the target – the employees – in order to involve them in what is going on.

Involved = Involvement. Involvement = Engagement.

Engaging the initiatives’ beneficiaries in a communication (and understanding) project adds value to the initiatives themselves, in terms of employment (quantity) and appreciation (quality) of such.

A concrete example?

In 2015, Nova Coop and Eudaimon launched NOI NOVACOOP: the Employee Welfare Plan that gathers all the opportunities available to the firm’s employees. It is thought as a complex “container” aimed to simplify the employees’ lives on these four areas: People, Family, Health, Saving.

Meanwhile, Eudaimon flanked Nova Coop in setting up a constant and integrated communication plan (many people, many tools), whose focus remains unchanged throughout the whole process: the people!

The latest creation is NOI NOVACOOP’s program institutional video; it tells, in an easy and enjoyable way, Nova Coop’s employee welfare soul. The video is certainly a great solution to communicate welfare-related matters within the company, and outside too. A video is a “contemporary” and enjoyable tool for getting in touch with the company’s population.

So, where is the engagement? Watch this extract of the full video, and decide. Enjoy!