Network IEP, the Middle-Earth Where to Test and Debate Inter-Firm Welfare Topics

Network IEP per il welfare interaziendale.
Network IEP per il welfare interaziendale.

Social welfare services and a poor knowledge regarding employee welfare by the employees themselves: these represent some of the issues that Network IEP focused on during 2018. Born 9 years ago, its name is the acronyms for Firms and People (Imprese e Persone), and is the first real and applied model of Inter-firm Welfare in Italy; it’s the Middle-Earth where discussing Employee Welfare related issues as well as a lab where to create, test and share solutions for a sustainable model of Second Welfare.


20 firms joined Network IEP with an overall amount of 300 thousand employees involved. Among these firms there is Eudaimon, one of the main Italian providers specialized in Employee Welfare plans aimed at boosting the employees’ wellbeing; Eudaimon founded the network for which it is technical partner too; it’s the only firm that provides such services and keeps the other companies up to date regarding Employee Welfare, as explained by Alberto Perfumo, CEO of Eudaimon:” Network IEP represents a meeting point where the firms involved every year gather to discuss and analyze the ongoing issues regarding Employee Welfare. Everyone brings its expertise and know-how hence together we strive to find impactful solutions to the common problems that arise during the year.”

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