Tailor-made Advices: Welfare and Education-Employment Orientation

Welfare e orientamento scolastico.
Welfare e orientamento scolastico.

Up to 3 million young Italians between 13 and 19 years old are about to make a choice regarding high school and working career. There’s need for experts capable of helping them choosing and parents to identify their children’s most valuable skills. How?

1.     Identifying their strengths and weaknesses

2.     Leading them towards a journey, not a job

3.     Helping to draft a solid resume and describe themselves

4.     Having a constructive dialogue

7% of freshmen drop out of high school and only 1 university student out of 4 obtains a degree. These data are very relevant for the 1.100.000 young Italians between 13-14 years old and 1.700.000 between 17-19 years old who are about to make a crucial choice regarding their future. Such information has been released by Censis and Eudaimon, an employee welfare firm that launched “On The Road”, a service aimed at helping young Italians up to 35 years old to orientate between finding the right employment and enrolling the right school.