Il welfare aziendale è una iattura
28 February 2018

Employee Welfare is a Jinx

Il welfare aziendale è una iattura

Tips for an efficient Employee Welfare for the firm and its people


Is Employee Welfare really the remedy to all problems? Is it the ultimate solution to the Italian firms’ low productivity and to the employees’ longing for revenue?

The explosive potential of Employee Welfare

Alberto Perfumo, CEO and founder of Eudaimon, answers these questions in his new book “Il welfare aziendale è una iattura” (Employee Welfare is a Jinx), available from February 25th 2018.

It’s a provocation arisen from the belief that Employee Welfare represents an innovation value with an explosive potential

“Employee Welfare is a Jinx”

This is a real statement collected by one of the Italian firms that recently chose to introduce a controversial welfare plan in its business reality.

It is, in fact, the statement of one of the employees whom in 2017 was offered the great opportunity of converting the performance bonus into welfare services; this is, according to what Perfumo says, the new Employee Welfare wave, because it is promoted and endorsed by the regulations enforced over the last two years.

The book – Employee Welfare is a Jinx

The book carries on an in-depth analysis of the current situation of Employee Welfare beyond trends, starting from the research done in partnership with Censis in 2017.

The abovementioned research was published as 1st Employee Welfare Report by Censis-Eudaimon, presented in Rome on the 24th of February 2018.

Therefore, the book takes inspiration from the main facts highlighted by the Report:

·        employees have a poor knowledge of Employee Welfare

·        asymmetries of information and appreciation

·        limited social value of some services

The book elaborates an original overview of the Employee Welfare’s opportunities and at the same time of the drift and trivialize risks that it could face.

What is the real value of Employee Welfare for the firms? And for the employees? Which are the achievements of Employee Welfare? How is it supported by the regulations in force and what’s left to do?

What works about Employee Welfare, and what doesn’t?

These are the questions answered by Perfumo, endorsed by the experience that Eudaimon gained in the Employee Welfare field over 16 years of consulting and support to firms, employees’ organizations and trade unions.

A welfare that treats employees fairly and is fruitful for the firms

The second part of the book is structured like a manual.

Perfumo uses his expertise to define:

·        how to truly implement Employee Welfare in a way that is fair to the employees and fruitful for the firms

·        how and why assess the benefit of a welfare plan

·        the importance of extending it to all firms without any size constraint, in particular to SMEs.

Once Employee Welfare will extend until reaching the Italian SMEs, it will be able to apply its social role and become an element capable of boosting the integration and productivity of welfare in our country.

As stated by the author, the book is a collection of tips, analysis and considerations regarding a hot topic that hasn’t been taken enough seriously so far.

Such hints can be useful for firms, employees and trade unions.



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