Employee Welfare for the Working Women

Welfare aziendale per donne lavoratrici
08 March 2018

Employee Welfare for the Working Women

There is no need to reiterate how difficult it is for women to balance family tasks and work; in a society where assistance burdens mostly rely on women – mothers, daughters, daughters in law – too often they must choose to give up on work and career.

The power of an Employee Welfare system capable of integrating with the public one. 

Thanks to the latest regulations in force since 2016 and 2017, Employee Welfare can provide impactful assistance measures for working class women.

Employee Welfare doesn’t only cover time saving services, such as running errands and paperwork, dry-cleaner, …, but also social services such as speech therapist and babysitter, school help, caregiver, home delivery services, nurse.

The greatest value that a company can deliver to its workers is to lighten the assistance burdens.

Keep in mind that many Italian companies where the average age of its population is around 50 years old, and one person out of five, mostly women, declares that the assistance burdens have a great impact on work.

Hence, we must increase the amount of social services included in our welfare plans, deliver such services on the territory and integrate them with the public services already available.

There’s need for more services dedicated to the working women and in particular more caregivers for every specific activity: from an in-depth analysis and comprehension of the issue (by listening), to the selection of the facility or the professional (on the territory), as well as economic support for buying the service.

It is essential that the caregiver goes along during all the process. Sometimes individual resources, like the performance bonus, are not enough because the values to be addressed are greater than such prizes. The best scenario would be to enable a company fund to be used for the most delicate cases in order to guarantee a fair Employee Welfare solution.

The Employee Welfare’s response can truly be decisive in order to solve the work-life balance issues concerning working women.


The solution ranges from social needs coverage, to supporting the worker in the comprehension of the issue thus being able to choose the most accurate solution for the mutual coverage of the expenses.

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