Alberto Perfumo on Radio24 - Focus Economy

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03 April 2023

Alberto Perfumo on Radio24 - Focus Economy

"The world of work's portrait has changed a lot in recent years, in the last period we have observed above all a critical position towards work in general and, specifically, towards the workplace. A disingagging approach, a lack of employee involvement."

This is the opening statement of our CEO, Alberto Perfumo, during the live interview on Radio24 during the presentation of the results of the latest report Censis-Eudaimon.

As the 6th Censis-Eudaimon Report on Corporate Welfare states, two out of three workers claim to work only to earn money for doing other things, so work itself loses value. People are no longer involved and motivated to give their best at work, it is no longer considered one of the most self-realization spheres.

In this scenario, corporate welfare is one of the most effective tools to remedy this lack of engagement and to transfer value to its people. Welfare can be a good way to integrate wages given the critical situation of purchasing power, but also an excellent tool for inclusion and support through all those other services of people care. 

Hence, the opportunity for the company to take on a new role, one based on the offer of tools that can enable people and put them in a position to interpret their own needs, whatever they may be. An ENABLING WELFARE.

Listen to the episode of 30/03 (Only Italian)

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