Inchiesta sul Welfare aziendale, verso un nuovo benessere per le risorse umane
18 March 2022

New year, constant challenges for the HR world

The magazine Persone&Conoscenze offers the results of a survey that tells the evolution of the workforce, in 2022 the well-being of people is the door to equality and agility, both for workers and for companies.


For the world of human resources, 2022 is the year in which to propose innovative solutions able to meet the new needs of people. Our HR Director Dario Pederiva participated in the investigation bringing to light what represents the HR priority for Eudaimon: guaranteeing listening and proposing solutions increasingly adhering to the needs, expressed or not, of its people. Welfare is an important lever of engagement and together with gentle leadership, inclusion and equity are the ingredients to guarantee corporate well-being.

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