Network IEP

The First Interfirm Model in Italy

Network IEP

The Network IEP – Imprese e Persone is the first concrete and applied Interfirm Welfare model in Italy.

Established in 2009 by a group of firms who have at heart their employee’s wellbeing, The IEP Network aims to foster and spread Employee Welfare as a competitive leverage for firms and add responsible value to the society’s upscaling by means of the firms themselves.


It represents a meeting point for debating Employee Welfare related topics and a lab where designing, experimenting and sharing powerful solutions for a sustainable model of Second Welfare.

The Goals of Network IEP

Promote Employee Welfare as a tool for social innovation

Share experiences and future projects from an interfirm perspective

Deliver innovating systems and solutions for firms and employees

The Network's Activities

  • Promote the Employee Welfare’s social innovation role to institutions, media, Employers’ Associations and Trade Unions; we want to talk about welfare “beyond the trends”, highlighting the demands and resolutions to the firms involved in Employee Welfare initiatives.

  • Encourage a lab-forum for analysis, debate and research concerning Employee Welfare. We also offer tutoring and training.

  • We group needs and demands, facilitating the supply’s development and boosting the Interfirm collaboration using an Interfirm Welfare Platform: co-design and original services sharing, suppliers and tools.

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About Us

Twenty of the Leading Italian Firms are Part of Network IEP, including:

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