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10 May 2022

With the welfare of tomorrow it performs better

For corporate welfare services to be able to respond adequately to people’s needs, it is necessary that they make a qualitative leap and evolve in line with the social changes taking place, also to respond to a general dissatisfaction with work. This is why the role of companies, and in particular the company welfare policies towards their employees and collaborators, can be fundamental in terms of direct support to people and, indirectly, to society.

What is emerging is a new concept of corporate welfare, a modern welfare far from pre-packaged and standardized solutions, but instead customized, designed for each individual member of the organization, able to offer protection to people, in a society that has changed a lot in recent decades. It is no coincidence that Eudaimon has in coaching the distinctive feature of his method and was the first company in Italy to use the Welfare Coach, a consulting figure able to listen to employees, understand their needs and accompany them in finding the best solutions to their needs. An accompaniment that has now found a valid side also in technology: Eudaimon launches Euty, the new way of doing welfare.

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