Quando l'azienda diventa caregiver

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19 April 2023

Quando l'azienda diventa caregiver

Support and support, are the two objectives that push Sky Italia to choose the services of corporate welfare offered by Euty

As Alberto Plantamura, Welfare & Benefit Manager of Sky Italia, says, the strength of Well4You is undoubtedly the caregiving. It is the service that I consider almost the most important. All of us, in fact, take care of other people within our families, whether it is an elderly person, a child with learning difficulties, a spouse with a disability, perhaps temporary, following an accident or an illness». Sky has therefore developed, through the Eudaimon Euty app, a support service that helps families to address all the problems related to caregiving, from those practices such as assistance or the provision of health services, the processing of paperwork.

Euty represents the new way of doing welfare, it is the concretization of one of the two souls of the company welfare, the one that focuses on people caring and the uniqueness of the individual. Euty allows companies to be really close to their people and to support them both inside and outside the company walls.

Read the article (only Italian) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cltbHlaEeYUu5Nkm4DEOMpAFfznPecYR/view?usp=sharing

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