TRAPPED YOUTH: What Is the Firms' Role?

Orientamento scolastico e lavorativo.
Orientamento scolastico e lavorativo.

According to the recently published study conducted by Eudaimon-Censis, there is a great number of young people who need to orientate around choosing schools, universities and employment:

·        1.1 million of 13-14 years olds seek suitable answers that can help them orientate regarding whether to undertake high school or a professional training course;

·        1.7 million of 17-19 years olds are choosing whether to apply for university or enter the labor market right away;

·        10.4 million of 19-35 years olds, namely job seekers, are shifting from an educational path to the labor market.


The educational and professional paths undertaken by the parents are often the same of their children, thus the Italian society is visibly stuck.