Eudaimon’s New Service, Welfare Card, Presented at Farete Bologna

Eudaimon Farete Bologna 2017
15 September 2017

Eudaimon’s New Service, Welfare Card, Presented at Farete Bologna

During Farete, the business networking event organized by Unindustria Bologna, Eudaimon presented its new Welfare Card service, the easiest, quickest, most complete and convenient solution for providing the employees with a wide and diversified offer of Employee Welfare goods and services.

It’s convenient because it’s versatile. It allows you to:

1.     comply with the contractual obligations, such as the recent CCNL Metalworkers renewal that provides the employees with an offer of goods and services worth 100 euros from June the 1st 2017 (increased up to 150 and 200 euros starting respectively from June the 1st 2018 and June the 1st 2019);

2.     supply the Performance Bonus in the shape of Employee Welfare services taking advantage of the fiscal benefits provided by the latest Stability Laws enforced;

3.     allocate further bonuses and on top credits to be used mandatorily on Employee Welfare related goods and services.

How does it differ from a simple CARD?

·        ready-to-go service: it’s prepaid, so Eudaimon will manage all about it: employees’ refund, suppliers’ payment, accountability;

·        the user will be able to spend its credit on the widest goods and services catalogue available today on the market (and in compliance with the modalities provided by the regulations in force: Art. 51 c. 3 / Art. 51 c. 2 lett. f + Art. 100 TUIR / Art. 51 c. 2 lett. f-bis e f-ter);

·        the remaining value of the untaxed Fringe Benefit up to 258,23 euros can be spent on many other goods and services;

·        customer service available via phone number or dedicated email address.

Brochure welfareCARD Brochure welfareCARD

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