Rediscovering corporate welfare

Copertina Euty
20 July 2022

Rediscovering corporate welfare

With Euty, from the Greek Eutichia to indicate the personification of happiness and fortune, we want to give an innovative response to companies to get out of this "economic" logic of corporate welfare and take action instead to help "their" people to face the big and small changes in life."

These are the words of our CEO, Alberto Perfumo, who tells Forbes the logic behind Euty, the new Eudaimon product.

Euty deals with all areas of corporate welfare but, to start, we decided to focus on two targets, young people and women, in line with the priorities defined by the PNRR and the Family Act. Here, then, we discover the first two macro areas "Important moments" to support young people in the small-large challenges of life, and "Family management" to address issues related to parenting, supplementary insurance and much more.

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