Welfare territoriale
23 July 2018

Firms: The Pioneers that could Start a Virtuous Circle for Employee Welfare

Welfare territoriale

Italians have spent over 70 billion of euros out of their own pockets in one year to purchase welfare services (from healthcare to social assistance and children’s education, source: Censis). Therefore, citizens feel the need of an agreement able to collect the offers already available on the territory and someone to guide them among the choices available. This task could be undertaken by firms.

Alberto Perfumo, CEO of Eudaimon, one of the founders of Aiwa (Italian Association for Employee Welfare), supports this thesis according to which: “Firms could be the spark to ignite a virtuous circle; once the employees’ needs meet the local resources, they would satisfy their need and at the same time foster the expertise of the social enterprises involved in the creation of socio-welfare and educational services.”

Hence, thanks to this belief, Eudaimon created two projects: ALTUOFIANCO and On The Road.

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