Employee Welfare is Difficult to Access: The Latest Needs and Challenges Faced by Firms

Accesso ai servizi di welfare.

Blurry and slightly cryptic: this is how Employee Welfare is described by most of the Italians who need to access the plan’s services but cannot find the right solution for their needs.

Such complexity penalizes those who are more vulnerable whom are paradoxically those who’d need it the most. These are the results emerged from the study commissioned by Eudaimon to Censis regarding Employee Welfare related services.

52.7% of employed Italians complain regarding having had problems for themselves or their family members concerning Employee Welfare and did not know whom to turn to for help. Such experience is usually lived by women (55%), southern and islanders Italians (59%) and, surprisingly, by graduates (59.1%).

Such data must be carefully considered because those graduates are often asked to support their elder family members with the resolution of complex issues such as social welfare or non-self-sufficient services.