Continental: Focus on the People Wellbeing

Continental e il welfare aziendale.
12 June 2018

Continental: Focus on the People Wellbeing

The employees' wellbeing has always been a focus for Continental. Back when this topic was not yet being discussed, the corporate was already involved in a program aimed to improve its employees' work-life balance.

The belief that wellness generates wellness has brought Continental to launch a wide employee welfare project: divided into services aimed at unloading the daily errands burdens, balancing work-life situation and physical wellbeing, by means of supplementary pension programs, the initiative engages the entire corporate workforce. We spoke with Elisa Giarratana, Organization Development & Welfare Manager in Continental, to discuss the focal points of the work done so far and the future outcomes. Three main cornerstones: time management, physical wellbeing and employee welfare platform.


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