The Challenges for Firms that Focus on their Employees’ Wellbeing

Sfide per il welfare aziendale.
09 July 2018

The Challenges for Firms that Focus on their Employees’ Wellbeing

Sfide per il welfare aziendale.

As emerged from the 1st Report Censis-Eudaimon – published on January 2018 – according to which the Employee Welfare’s development:

- is linked to the real ability to improve the overall quality of the employees’ life, focusing in particular on solving those social needs that strive to find a solution with traditional welfare;

- is not a multiplier of indefinite benefits but rather a platform for services and performances able to generate added customized coverage for employees and families,

the new report by Censis-Eudaimon, presented in Milan on the 20th of June, focuses on issues related to the accessibility of welfare; whether such issues are intended to inform or support the acknowledgement and selection of services and plans aimed at the people’s wellbeing. Four macro areas have been analyzed:


1.     Help the employees to choose among welfare services

2.     Shapes and intensity of the latest access difficulties

3.     The constant emergency of being non-self-sufficient


To answer this need, Eudaimon created ALTUOFIANCO, the service aimed to support the employees in managing delicate family-related issues (personal and familiar socio-assistance needs, children’s educational needs, difficulty to solve and manage every day’s errands) with the support of a care manager that will meet with the subject and after analyzing the issue, will plan along a custom-made service able to meet the need, features and timing needed.

4.     Educational and labour market orientation

“Think about solutions able to stimulate the debate, strengthen the acknowledgement of one’s skills and, ultimately, help to take meticulous decisions”, says Alberto Perfumo – CEO of Eudaimon, “solutions that the most virtuous firms can share outside of the business environment with the young locals who live in the territories where the firm operates, contributing to the newest Italian trend that is the dual-training system of learning and working. Hence, Eudaimon recently launched a service called On The Road – moving towards school and work: a journey to help the employees’ children orientate. By the end of the journey, the person will be independent and able to make conscious decisions regarding his educational or professional future."

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