Come comunicare bene il welfare
28 February 2022

Communicate well to take care of tomorrow's welfare

Our Marketing & Innovation director, Edoardo Perfumo, took part in the survey promoted by WeWelfare and which sees welfare and the best communication strategies as protagonists.


A good welfare plan alone is not enough, often those who could benefit from it do not know its possibilities and therefore do not even approach this precious tool that promotes the well-being of employees, or worse still, they limit themselves to superficial knowledge and use.

We must spread the culture of welfare, put people in a position to make the best choice for their needs. It is essential to communicate and guide the public, and this task certainly falls to the institutions, the employer but also to the players in the sector: corporate welfare is a complex topic and it is essential that those who deal with it for their profession become the bearer of the true message that is the basis of corporate welfare: its social relevance.

As a provider with twenty years of experience, we promote a welfare dedicated to people, whom we listen to, advise and guide, it is essential to build a unique project based on the characteristics of the customer, only in this way will we spread the true essence of welfare: the social relevance.

We work together to build the tomorrow's welfare.

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