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30 April 2021

4th Censis-Eudaimon Report on corporate welfare: talking about people centricity is now inevitable

In the vision of numerous leading figures in the HR world, the social value of corporate welfare is consolidated, placing the individual and his or her frailties at the centre of attention, as highlighted in the 4th Censis-Eudaimon Report.


The pandemic has affected the daily lives of all of us, often generating new needs. Precisely for this reason, corporate welfare is increasingly becoming part of people's lives, supplementing public welfare that struggles to keep up with a constantly evolving society.

At the same time, a real cultural revolution is taking place which, at least as regards white collars, sees the figure of the worker and his role in the company changing, just as the concepts of time and workspace are changing.

According to the 4th Censis-Eudaimon Report on corporate welfare, 31.6% of Italian workers now practice some form of remote work. This new working and social context deserve the attention of all employers, so that this transformation is experienced as an opportunity and does not become a reason for exclusion.

This is one of the reasons that is pushing more and more companies to offer their employees corporate welfare plans that can support them in the management of this new reality, placing people and their families at the centre of attention.


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