1st Report Eudaimon-Censis: Healthcare and Wellness Among the Most Appreciated Welfare Services

Salute e sanità tra migliori servizi welfare.

Watch out for Employee Welfare, because this stranger could be valued nearly one extra monthly wage every year for each employee. In fact, only 17.9% of employees have a full knowledge of the topic, 58.5% have a general idea and 23.6% have no clue. Yet, 6 employees out of 10 believe that Employee Welfare solutions are better than a raise.

This is what emerged from the 1st Report by Censis-Eudiamon on Employee Welfare, in partnership with Fondazione Censis and with the support of Credem, Edison and Michelin. Employee Welfare represents a market with remarkable potential, cause if it’d reach the entire employee population of the private sector, it would hit an overall value of 21 billion euros. The main supporters are managers, graduates and high-income employees; workmen and low-income employees are less enthusiastic regarding it, due to a series of income arrears. Moreover, Employee Welfare must not be perceived as a bonus aimed to help primarily the higher employment levels.


The most appreciated services are certainly those involving healthcare, followed by those welfare-related.”

Employee Welfare can truly become a supplementary element of public welfare and can be applied by big enterprises and SMEs.



Employee Welfare has two aims: to boost the firms’ performance and to cover the social risks that the employees could face. Hence, there’s a remarkable amount of work to be carried out on the second topic. The solution for SMEs is inter-firm welfare, shared with a multitude of corporates and with the territory itself.”