Internal Communication

Apprize, engage and listening

Comunicare il welfare.
Comunicare il welfare.

Eudaimon helps the firm to define powerful communication strategies capable of fostering the internal engagement towards the welfare plan and its services.

Less than 18% of employees know the purpose and contents of Employee Welfare (Source: Censis, 2017). Thus there is often a significant gap between what the firms offer and what its employees perceive as receiving.

Having a communication plan allows the firm to apprise, engage and listen to the people, enhancing its own “brand” and making it easily and immediately recognizable in terms of identity and content.

What Do We Do?

  • Analysis (people, territory, computerisation, …);

  • Co-design of an incisive Communication Plan (integrated with the firm’s ongoing communication plan);

  • Creative strategy in line with the firm’s goals;

  • Creation of tools and means of communication;

  • Constant monitoring of actions and performance.

Our Clients

Some of the firms that entrusted us to handle the internal communication related to their Welfare Plan or Flexible Benefits Program.

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