Life@Work Index

Assess the Benefits of your Welfare Plan

Life@Work Index
Life@Work Index

Life@Work Index is a tool developed by Eudaimon to assess the performance of an Employee Welfare Plan.

It’s a complete yet concise tool capable of responding to all the recurrent queries of the firm regarding its welfare plan.

The Welfare Plan assessment is completed with an economic efficiency analysis and comparison with the goals set.

What Does the Life@Work Index Do?

  • Assesses the tangible and intangible benefits of welfare on the company and its employees

  • Verifies the plan’s efficiency by comparing its outcomes with the firm’s economic commitment

  • Compares the company’s results with those of similar firms

  • Suggests the track to follow with the Welfare Plan to achieve the best outcome

  • Tracks the welfare plan trend and focuses on the improvements

What Does the Life@Work Index Assess?

The Indexes that Feed the Life@Work Index are:

Tangible Benefits

Welfare-shaped added value

Intangible Benefits

Value perceived by the employees


The impact of Welfare on the employees’ motivation

Social Innovation

The external stakeholder’s involvement in welfare-related matters

Who Chose Life@Work Index

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