People Care

Tailor-Made Welfare Plans to Fit the Employees’ Needs

Community Welfare.
Community Welfare.

Meeting the employees’ needs where the public welfare fails is a commitment that shows care and fosters the employees’ engagement hence boosting their productivity.

Let your Welfare Plan provide for the employees' needs.

Welfare Areas


care and education services for children and health care for the elderly (kindergarten and babysitting, summer camps, education and work orientation, help desk for the elderly)


health and physical wellbeing initiatives (health care, medical check-ups in the working place, gyms, seminars)



solutions to increase your purchasing power (agreements network, temporary shops, vouchers, shopping cart)


Solutions and advisory for working telecommuting 


solutions for solving daily tasks (administrative procedures, errands, office and home services, personal advisory services, mobility)


travel, box office, employee volunteering, hours bank, sharing economy

The Three Leverages Where to Operate

Focus on Social Needs

A Tailor-made Solution

Up-to-date Employees

Our Solutions Ready-to-go

  • Integrated with the company’s ongoing services

  • Available on several devices thanks to our cutting-edge technology

  • Available all over Italy and supplied by selected vendors

  • Elaborated according to accurate analysis of the firm’s population

  • Come with an impactful communication about the Welfare Plan

  • Monitored using an advanced control panel