The Care Manager Who Supports the User with the Resolution of Personal and Familiar Issues


ALTUOFIANCO is the social care service developed by Eudaimon in collaboration with Rete ComeTe; the Care Manager, a local specialised operator, will support the user throughout the resolution of his needs, step by step.

ALTUOFIANCO takes advantage of the resources and solutions available locally to the user hence boost the experiential value of social companies that are daily involved in the creation of welfare services on the territory.

The Care Manager, choosing among a network of public and private services, will guide and support the user towards the best resolution for his needs. The offer includes home services and social assistance concerning specialist advice in specialised facilities.


  • The user contacts the service and explains his need;

  • The local Care Manager meets personally with the user and suggests a tailor-made resolution;

  • The user, supported step by step by the Care Manager, gets access to the required service using a network of public and private services available on the territory.

Which are the "Perks" of the Service?


professional support step by step


the services needed are acquired locally


a communication plan about the service dedicated to the employees


available all over Italy


the final service can be purchased using the Welfare Credit

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